Welcome to The Last Remains Appraisals & Estate Liquidation

Welcome to The Last Remains Appraisals & Estate LiquidationWelcome to The Last Remains Appraisals & Estate LiquidationWelcome to The Last Remains Appraisals & Estate Liquidation

About Us


How We Got Started

How We Got Started

How We Got Started

Hello, we are James and Christine.  In 2010 we opened a small booth in a local indoor flea market.  In 2012 we bought a building on Hickory St. and opened an antique store, which was opened for over 5 years.  In 2013 Christine began her education as a Personal Property Appraiser and is a qualified appraiser through the International Society of Appraisers.  In 2014 we begun conducting estate sales and found our calling in life.  We enjoy helping families manage through life's transitions.

Christine was raised by a "picker."  Her dad, who named the business for them, was a weekend entrepreneur.  Christine worked through high school and college at his booth at the largest flea market in Lubbock and many trade shows.  Raised in Nebraska often trips home included "picking" with her dad through 4 states.  He brought books home from the library for her to study about antique toys, brass, glassware etc.   Since they moved yearly, she learned to love art because her mother often checked out framed art from the local library for the home.  Every month the art pieces were exchanged.  She loves appraising art.  Her recent trip to China expanded her knowledge of pearls, jade, silk, tea, and oriental rugs.

James was born and raised in Abilene.  His grandfather owned one of the first two gasoline stations in Abilene.  James worked many years for a man who bought and flipped homes before helping Christine full-time.  He has the knowledge to price and sell tools!  Sadly, much of James' job is moving big items, hauling off trash and dealing with the "dirty" jobs.  He is in his element with his earbuds in playing his favorite music and organizing the garage or shop.

On our time off, which is not often enough, enjoying deep sea fishing, lake fishing and taking our camper out.  We love spending time with our family.  Christine's only grown daughter is married with two gorgeous little girls.  At our estate sales you may meet one of our German Shepherds, Vaughn & Ute.  Vaughn is featured in our company logo.


Our Team

How We Got Started

How We Got Started

We have over 15 part-time employees who help as needed.  Below are a few of the ones that work all sales.  

Anne is our eager one. She is there with a smile always ready to assist customers. Anne is the “Concierge” for The Last Remains! Many people think she is my daughter with her very bubbly personality and big smile. We have many similarities including our love for Jeep’s. She is committed to her children and family by spending as much time with them as she can. We enjoy hanging out at the pool together with the kids.  If she is not working on the weekend for us, you can find her bartending at Spanky P’s. She makes the sales so pleasant for all around her!

Thomas is a unique handy, helpful and handsome part of our muscle men team. With his tall stature no ladder is needed. He is fabulous with the customers, and he can lift just about anything. He loves cooking and his prior experience is as a chief although if not helping us out he is working with a company that flips homes. A jack of all trades with much common sense and a love for reading, he likes the simple life and would prefer to live in a camper with a very modest lifestyle. He is truly a gem to us!

Andy is a young man with principals and goals. He knows what needs to be done and doesn’t have to be asked. A new father of a sweet boy, William and a devoted husband to Megan, he is a true devoted family man. He is another added member to our “muscle team” and is helpful and delightful. When he is not working weekends with us Andy works with a property management company tending to maintenance of the property. Andy has a rare, amusing sense of humor.

Terry has been a longtime friend way before we started our business. She is the head cashier and has been with us since day one. Terry helps promote our sales and is the one person everyone will get to see as they check out. She endures cold, rain and heat as a cashier. Her job is one of the toughest of all, and no matter what she is there to make it the most enjoyable experience as possible. She loves seeing everyone and appreciates our customer in all climates of weather. Bless her heart! She has been employed for over 20 yrs. at American Airlines and is married with kids and grandchildren. 

Alisha is someone you may not see working the sale on weekends because she helps us set up the sales. She works hard helping sort and organizing the items along with cleaning and pricing. She is a self-starter and always can find a way to keep busy. Luckily, she is easy going and laid back. We all work as a  great team. Alisha is married, Terry’s daughter in law, and has grown children and many grandchildren.


Why Choose Us?

How We Got Started

Why Choose Us?

We love the process of meeting new clients, tackling challenging situations, and helping them to move forward with grace and dignity.  Whether you're facing a foreclosure, moving, downsizing, a family death or transitioning to managed or independent care we are committed to providing honest and excellent customer service from start to finish.     

We know many people, (along with our customers and clients), prefer the charm and adventure that can only be experienced at a unique on location estate sale. The advantages of onsite versus online sales are numerous and we would love the opportunity to provide a unique, successful sale experience for you based on your personal needs.  

We do not move your items to another location but organize and stage your location for the sale.  Therefore, our process works best in situations where the home is vacated and ready to be listed for sale once the contents are liquidated. Depending on the size of your estate, this process can take anywhere from a week to several weeks.

We charge a competitive percentage fee based upon the size of your estate.  There are no upfront fees to worry about and we are completely transparent regarding our operating costs.

We create custom advertising for your sale through, Facebook and local publications where necessary.  In addition, your sale will be easy for customers to find with our professional directional signs and banner.

We provide quality photos and staging and believe in conducting a clean and well-organized shopping experience for your buyers. We can also assist you with hauling and donation services if needed.  You are assured a fast revenue turnaround.

Most importantly, we understand how stressful life transitions can be and want to give you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today for your free onsite consultation.    

Christine is an appraiser through the International Society of Appraisers.  She can help you solve immediate problems such as

•insuring art and antiques •determine estate tax liability •making charitable donations •processing damage claims •distributing assets equitably •settling divorce or bankruptcy litigation.

Christine has done appraisals for personal families, university's, attorneys, and businesses.  

Christine is also available for public speaking to your group or organization on some of the wonderful items she has found in this area and where are they now.   

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